The Santa Group of companies began business supplying office stationery of offices and factories within the close vicinity of our one and only store in 1987. From the offset we differentiated ourselves from other wholesalers and retailers by being selective with our suppliers. We felt it was good business sense to provide customers with only quality goods and support this fundamental by an excellent delivery service.

Our business has grown exponentially since then, our range of products also grown to include office and factory furniture and we have set up our own panel and chair production to support our suppliers and customers.

Our first introduction to the export business started when some of our existing customers expanded into other Asian countries and called upon us to supply and install similar furniture that they had bought from us before in Malaysia. We have also exported many containers of furniture to traders outside Asian countries and this has resulted in new business and encouraged our suppliers to gear up production to meet the expected export demand.

We are confident of our success as we embark on this new front. We will succeed because of the strong bonds between our group and our furniture manufacturers. The same high quality, service and standards we subscribe to should ensure that we will grow this sector of our business.

We are looking for overseas partners to join us. Why not send us an enquiry? You could end up traveling with us on a mutually profitable journey.